SteamFunk Armageddon


The New Year's Eve Mood Swings invites you to step into their post-apocolyptic neo-Victorian age of cogs, clocks, contraptions and sky pirates...

See the new year in with style as the SteamFunk Armageddon takes over Beaver Works with art, performance, culture and vibrations of the new age, complete with leathers, top hats, pilot goggles and more with a steampunk fancy dress competition.

On the lineup you'll find live hop hop and ska band Cut Capers, pirate band Seas of Mirth, ska/reggae outfit Stig of the Dub, plus C3B, General Waste, Where's North, Duburban Poison, Omnirhythm, Krafty PK, Black Orchid, Who's Dave, Crystal Gef, Symbiosis Sounds, Proper Northern, Papa Shanti, Mista Meez, Sugar Soudn, LSD-Licious, Addiktz, Ezee, Judder Sounds, Magic Lantern, Key_Lo, Skanky Cun7, Shamen, Flump, Maxi Dread and Bolt.

By: Jess Hardiman


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