Eat You Alive Festival

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Photo from 2015's Eat You Alive Festival

The gnarly music festival returns for its third year.

Rock Nation presents Eat You Alive Festival, this year taking over the various smaller venues (rather than the usual one) of Milo Bar, The Fenton, The Packhorse Pub and The Library.

On the lineup you'll find the likes of Dirt, Fighting Caravans, Lost Boys, Sweet Exile, The Brylls, Kill the Silence, One Way Street, Euthemia, They Say Fall, As Sirens Fall, Alienchrist, Zealous, No Honour, Wraiths, Atlas Falls, Us Amongst The Rest, Vanity Draws Blood, Shotsfied, On Hollow Ground, Mercury Killed Newton, Sinnergod, End of the Atlas, Furian, Outright Resistance, Tonight We Fall, The Antiquity and Fires Over Broadway, welcoming talent from across the UK and even as far as Seville.

By: Jess Hardiman


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