Stereo MCs

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Stereo MCs
Group shot of hip hop and dance group Stereo MCs

As part of their European tour, Stereo MCs head to Leeds this July.

Formed in Clapham back in the mid 80s, Stereo MCs first established their rep as one of the UK's biggest hip hop/electronic dance groups with their debut album '33-45-78'. But it was their 1992 single 'Connected' that rapidly put their name on the map and established them as one of the country's greatest exports at the time, capturing a moment in time through the sounds of one song.

Whilst modern-day Brits think they know how to have a good rave, these guys were at the forefront of the country's prolific DIY acid house/club scene, giving us a retrospective lesson in how its done via countless collabs, DJ sets and high energy live performances.