Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Sweet Billy Pilgrim

The Mercury nominated band return with their third album.

With a name taken from the novel 'Slaughterhouse 5', Tim Elsenburg's band are clearly not going to deny the influence of art and literature on their music. Indeed, their 2009 debut, 'Twice Born Men', nominated for the coveted Mercury Prize, has a cover by Tacita Dean as beautiful as the tracks it envelopes.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim released 'Crown and Treaty' three years later to great acclaim, and now their third album arrives, the glorious 'Motorcade Amnesiacs'.

Once again it reflects the band's which have influnced them, from the criminally neglected but still brilliant Prefab Sprout to Aphex Twin via Efterklang, (and if that isn't a wide range, what is?), whilst still sounding only like Sweet Billy Pilgrim. No mean feat! 

Live they are wonderfully powerful, Tim's wonderfully expressive voice and the intricate layers of music managing to be intimately absorbing and massively epic all at the same time, making this an unmissable gig.


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