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Time Out Market Lisbon

Restaurants Cais do Sodré
5 out of 5 stars
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Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa
Time Out Market Lisboa

Time Out says

Have you ever heard of curated burgers? Curated nigiri? Curated pizzas, sandwiches or even curated cod? Probably not. After all, Time Out Market is the first market in the world where everything has been chosen, tasted and tested (with four or five stars, and not one star less) by an independent panel of city experts: Time Out’s own journalists and critics. More than 40 spaces with the leading representatives in all the food categories that help make Lisbon what it is - and tastes - all together under one roof. Find out everything you need to taste - and what Time Out had to say about it.

A concept created from scratch in 2014 by the team at Time Out Portugal, with only the best ideas and business projects in Lisbon - according to the editorial team - which can stay in the market from one week to three years. If it’s good, it goes in the magazine, if it’s great, it goes into the market.

On the one hand, 24 restaurants some of them from very well-known Portuguese chefs, 8 bars, a dozen shops and a high-end music venue called Rive Rouge, all with the very best in Lisbon (the best steak, the best hamburger, the best sushi and the best live performances, amongst others); on the other hand, home to some of the city's best known (and longest-running) market vendors of meat, fish, fruit and flowers. 

Check out more information at our Time Out Market Lisboa website. And do not miss the opportunity of experiencing it if you ever come to Lisbon!




Address: Avenida 24 de Julho 49
Opening hours: Sunday - Wednesday: 10:00 to 00:00; Thursday - Saturday: 10:00 to 02:00

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5 out of 5 stars

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The suckling pig sandwich from Henrique Sa Passoa is outstanding and the scallops with mango tartar & fleur de sel from Sea Me are also top notch. At only €1.50 each, Croquetaria offers great value for money – go for the cuttlefish & squid ink for a gorgeous punch of umami flavour – while the dessert tasting menu at Cozinha de Felicidad is a decadently delicious bargain with 4 generous portions of each dessert for €10.

Hi, first of all, surprising me how you found my mail adress ???

I have been 2 times at that place in a few days. excellent food, excellent choice, excellent drinks... what more ?

but there are 2 a big problems there:

1: the first one is that it is really difficult to find a place where to sit. people are just staying on chairs and occupying tables without any drink or food. and when you come to them they just say that they wait from someone... easy... especially French people just thinking that this is their table... timeout is based on sharing right ? (no problem, I am also french).

So I think that timeout will be very fast victim of its success if they don´t find a way to solve this. I have some ideas for solving this problem.

2. The other point is poor people coming to catch some food on the rest in the trolley just back of the time out empire...

that makes me uncomfortable.

Loved the variety here. There was a lot of construction going on, and some of the stands were pretty overwhelming. I'd recommend looking at the options in advance; I had to walk through the whole market three times before truly understanding the options. The price ranges were great, so be aware of what your budget is! 

Went in November, during the Websummit. It was amazing, great food, music and environment. Ate Bacalhau com Natas from Cozinha da Felicidade, simply perfect!

 I'm sure this was an amazing experience. The tends display was very appealing, the light was comfy and the food and drinks were perfectly amazing. During my stay in Lisbon, I've been there three times. I don't remember everything I have because I had to go in every place to get something. There's nothing to complain about it.

Outstanding, lots of delicious food, wine and gifts to purchase. Great meeting place for tourists and natives. I visited twice, had dinner and brought gifts. I love that it is open late. It has everything you need to have an enjoyable time. I am looking forward to visit again and to visit TimeOut Miami when it opens. I would love a Time Out Market in New York!

An incredible experience during our time in Lisbon. We went here for lunch one day and had to come back for dinner the next day to try more. It's a great atmosphere. It's the perfect setting to try a range of Portuguese cuisine. 

This had to be our first destination after arriving in Lisbon. It helped that my friends and I were famished after arriving in town and spending about 1 hour 30 minutes at immigration! First thing's first, we had to grab ourselves a drink - Red Sangria it was! There were several stands on the road into the Time Out Market, which is where we bought our drinks. This went well with our tapas dinner here. 

We had a combination of different dishes so we could have a try of everything. My favourite would have to be the Grilled Octopus that we ordered - this was done really well, with the char marks still visible, the flesh was succulent and tasty, and it had a great texture. We tried another typical tapas dish, Sardines on Bread with fresh tomatoes. This was light and delicious, surprisingly not too fishy, and very fresh tasting! 

I think we came at a good time too because it wasn't too crowded. There was a good crowd and buzz going and we were able to find a spot to sit easily. The food arrives pretty quickly too, which is nice! The vendors were all lovely, encouraging us to buy from them and helpful in explaining what certain dishes were even with a language barrier!

Lisbon just gets better and better... the Time Out Market had been recommended to me by a few people, and it didn't disappoint. We headed there at lunchtime with sore heads from the night before... and it was the perfect way to recover. We drank delicious cocktails, and sampled lots of different foods including fish cakes and lots of seafood. There's something for everyone. It's a must visit for anyone heading to Lisbon!

Fabulous lunch. A bit crowded, and not cheap, but what a great place and great idea. Brought out the worst in chair hogs - we stood next to several "saved" stools that weren't occupied until we'd finished eating. But aside from having to be amidst so much selfish humanity, it was great to be able to sample so many chefs' work. And the pasteis! Wow. 

Located outside the front entrance of Cais do Sodré to the left, this is a place not to be missed on a trip to Lisbon!

After wandering around all the stalls before settling out final food choices, we opted for the Honorato burger stand and the pizza stall about two stands to the left. We were not disappointed neither by quality or price!

We didn't wait for longer than 15 minutes for the burger to be prepared and served, even during dinner time on. Friday evening, and the pizza was an even shorter wait.

For a simple cheeseburger and Somersby cider the bill was less than 10€. The quality of the meal was outstanding - much nicer than some of the other meals we had during our trip which were double the price!

As for the pizza, you could select what you liked from the counter display, before they popped it into the oven for a few minutes to heat up. The pizza and a Somersby came to just 6€.

The atmosphere of the food hall was great. It was expectedly busy and therefore noisy, but there was plenty of space to sit down to enjoy our meals without it feeling too crowded.

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and we would love to go back to test out more food from the other stalls which looked just as delicious - sushi, chicken, pastries, Asian food, pork, vegetarian options, desserts, you name it...

100% recommend!

Loved the atmosphere in here and it was good to have the range of choices. We ended up eating in here on most days of our trip as it was an easy option for a short trip.

I think is the best place to eat in town. It has everything, I simply loved it. The concept, the atmosphere, the food, it's kind of unique.

So good we went twice! Great selection of foods and drinks, fantastic vibe/energy, family friendly yet hip. Loved it.

Extensive range of food & drink, all of a high quality. Would recommend getting there early as the tables fill up very quickly at dinner time

If you're from Southern California, this place is like the Anaheim Packing District of Lisbon. An incrediblely artistic and flavorful selection where you can really do no wrong selecting anything. From gourmet burgers to the traditional Pastel de Nata, everyone will find something they will like. This is the place to go for food, maybe not if you're on a budget, but if you're looking to have the best of the best like me. Come here!

Went 2 times - early afternoon and then late morning. What some might called " vibrant" translates as loud, crowded, and about as inviting as the food. Expensive, small quantities, and apart from having great respect for the vendors staff who work frantically in confined spaces to maintain a standard, don't expect a gourmet experience. If you have just flown cattle class, then this is just land based economy class. Have look but don't eat there. Eg 3-4€ for a small slice of pizza, 10€ + for cafeteria served tasters. Even if you go early to avoid the crowds, little is available before noon. As for coffee, neither Spain nor Portugal know what fresh milk is ( with few exemptions like Dalston coffee Barcelona), so don't even think you will get a decent coffee even if you can find a place that doesn't burn the bean to start with. Apart from those observations, enjoy Timeout. Obviously the selected international food critics and reviewers who got their free meals when this place first started, have not been back since. Nor will I!

Such a lovely place to eat. Fresh vibrant flavours. You must try the shrimp and pork belly mini sandwich and of course all the sea food is wonderful. It's easy to get carried away and spend quite a bit, so my advise is to just order a few tasters at a time Tapas style.You can also sit and talk to the chefs watching them cook. They were very happy to talk about all the lovely ingredients and have so much passion for their cooking. Enjoy x

Loved it so much we came back three times.

Fantastic variety. Delicious food. Generally very busy and often lines for food and waits for tables but the lively atmosphere adds to the appeal in my opinion. Can you please start a Timeout Market in Melbourne?!

Delicious but pricey

What I love about food court in general is the multitude of food choice, I could spend my day there.

What I like the most, is that I can pick what I want to eat without minded if my friends are happy with it!

Time out Market is the place to go in Lisbon for a quick lunch break. 

In the central court, you will be able to seat with your friends or family to enjoy Portuguese specialities.

If you have more time, outside of the central court, on the side alley, you will find some seafood and oyster bars. I had amazing razor clams and prawns rice I still dream of at Balcao da Esquina!

Even if the food is lovely, I think it remains expensive for Lisbon I believe.

In the central court, go grab a Pasteis de Nata at the Manteigaria stand! One of the bests I've ever eaten!

If you crave for another one, they also have a shop in Bairro Alto!

This is an absolute must-visit for anyone visiting Lisbon - as well as those living here! With 24 different restaurants - hand-picked by the Time Out team - there's something to meet every need here. Superb food in a gorgeous venue.

Super endroit, victime de son succès.

Trop de monde impossible de trouver une place (juillet), musique d'ambiance trop forte. Dommage on y mange très bien.

Ma fille et moi on a adoré y déjeuner surtout au Manteigaria pour les succulentes Pateis de Nata et prendre un smoothie orange et mangue au comptoir de Compas! C'était délicieux !!!

Awesone ! This is a must !

Vraiment agréable comme endroit malgré l'affluence. Soyez patient pour trouver une table car ça vaut le coup ! Bon vin et bonne bouffe.

Lieu très convivial. Beaucoup de choix, tous plus alléchants les uns que les autres. On n'a qu'une envie en partant : y revenir très vite pour tester les autres restos. Un lieu à ne pas manquer lors d'un séjour à lisbonne !


This market was one of the first things to go on my must-eat-in-Lisbon list and it’s now firmly cemented on my favourite-places-to-eat-in-the-world list. Everything about it is absolutely awesome and I completely loved coming here.

Opened in 2014 by the Time Out Lisbon team, this cavernous space currently holds 35 of Lisbon’s best bars & restaurants, tucked around the edges of a huge dining hall area. It’s a 5 minute walk from here to Lisbon city centre and you could be here for a week and not get tired of the choice & quality that’s on offer. 

It’s loud and it’s busy and snagging seats at a table can require the mental dexterity & physical skill of a winning Crystal Maze team but it’s oh so totally worth it. With each place selected for being the best in class, you can find burgers, pizza, dim sum, sushi, sandwiches, roasts, charcuterie, patisserie, ice-cream, custard tarts, beer, wine and cocktails to name but a few of the options. Prices are akin to London street food and while most places take card or cash, I’d make sure you have both before you arrive. 

Like Captain Kirk landing on a new planet, make sure you do a scout round before you purchase so you don’t end up with buyers’ remorse further down the line. The suckling pig sandwich from Henrique Sa Passoa is outstanding and the scallops with mango tartar & fleur de sel from Sea Me are also top notch. At only €1.50 each, Croquetaria offers great value for money – go for the cuttlefish & squid ink for a gorgeous punch of umami flavour – while the dessert tasting menu at Cozinha de Felicidad is a decadently delicious bargain with 4 generous portions of each dessert for €10. Dessert wine kicks in at €2.50 a glass and measures are affably liberal – definitely my kinda town.

What I loved about it – apart from the food, the drink, the prices and the vibe – was that this doesn’t feel like somewhere designed for tourists. There are plenty of out-of-towners who come here for sure but actually, this is a place where families come for lunch, where people who finished work late swing by for a quick supper, where locals come to eat & drink the very best their capital has to offer without trekking off to each individual restaurant. 

There’s also a real sense of pride here – people take care of the space, they don’t leave their rubbish on tables or the floor and there are plenty of staff clearing as hungry diners arrive and gratified diners waddle off. Everything comes served on china with proper cutlery and there are trolleys for your trays to go on again before you leave. 

It feels welcoming and there’s a real buzz of genuine enjoyment everywhere – it honestly feels like a breath of fresh air compared to some of the food markets in other European cities and if we ever get something similar in London, the city will be all the better for it.

Lots of great food.  A couple of our group had the same observation.  There was a lack of tables for enjoying the wonderful food.  There was a tremendous amount of open airspace where a second floor seating area could be created and even more first level kiosks could be added.  Kiosks outside of the main hall should be eliminated since they don't get the same visibility and traffic.  If no changes are made, at least additional staff should be added to hustle up dirty dishes and utensils and wipe down tables so new customers can dine more pleasurably.

What an awesome spot. Canada should take note. A very happening spot with good food and a bottle of wine at your table. Like a food court except restaurant type food and alcohol. We all loved it.

Absolutely loved the Time Out market! Went this week with my Dad. It was super busy and tricky to find a space, but it was worth it in the end! We had starters and then mains from two difference stalls, finishing off with a pasteis de nata from yet another. All the food looked lovely, and although slightly more expensive than other restaurants in Lisbon, the quality and portion sizes were definitely worth it. Would happily visit again! 


Food in Portugal is lovely, especially if you manage to get yourself away from the tourists zones and sample food which the locals eat. It's also cheap and often accompanied by a great wine selection. But visiting the Timeout Market is a totally different experience. It's not particularly Portuguese, though they have a large local section; instead it's more about Portugal and its culinary talent.

It's here at Timeout Market that some of the greatest chefs in Portugal get to really shine. Away from the tourist hub and competition of the crowded spots in upmarket areas of Lisbon or Porto, these chefs have a clear opportunity to create great menus and present their food to a diverse range of people from young locals on a night out to families, business people and, of course, tourists. 

Based in the actual original market building, the produce is fresh and locally sourced and if you go early enough you can see the market itself in action. At night it's full on hustle and bustle and a great place to hang out with friends and try all the different foods.

If I were a Lisbon local, I suspect this would be the kind of place I'd regularly come to with friends. Unfortunately we just had the one evening here, but never mind, hopefully they'll be a next time, or, another Timeout Market in another great city perhaps?  

Adorei conhecer o Time Out, Mercado da Ribeiro, tanto que voltei dois dias depois. Espaço agradável, gente bonita, boa comida, bons preços. Excelente!

I really enjoyed Time Out, and I returned the next day for another of the delicious pasteis de nata! It is a very high-end and high-quality food market. Compared to similar markets in Spain/Portugal, it is much more expensive, while the meals are normal portions rather than tapa sizes. 


Every time I go to Lisbon I visit and I love it.  Everyone I know and goes to Lisbon goes there. Every review I read about the Time Out Market gives it 5 stars... There is no way you can visit Lisbon and don't go to the Time Out Market. It is amazing! (I'm biased, I know  :)

Some of the best Chefs in town and in Portugal offer you the best culinary experience you can think of and at very good prices. The place is vibrant with people, music, cooking academy,  bars, and of course, great, great food. You can't miss it!

moderatorStaff Writer

Great place and great choice of restaurants. It's usually full but you can always find a seat in the many family style tables there. They also have music, workshops, conferences and live-cooking throughout the week, so make sure to check the program before you go.