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The 50 best Star Wars characters: have your say

The 50 best Star Wars characters: have your say

We’ve told you who we think is the best Star Wars character of all time. But do you agree?

By Time Out Film

Do you have a hankering for Hammerhead? Are you potty about Porkins? Or would you like to see Boba Fett banished? With this handy chart you can vote your favourite characters up, and send the ones you can’t stand crashing to the bottom of the list. The more votes we get, the clearer picture we’ll have of the characters you, the Star Wars viewing public, love and hate.

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The 52 best Star Wars characters


They can be intensely heroic or irretrievably evil. They can be alluringly human or repulsively alien. Remote and robotic or cuddly and cute. But the characters in ‘Star Wars’ are endlessly fascinating. So here, in an entirely personal and inevitably controversial list, Time Out’s resident Gonk-geek Tom Huddleston presents the 50 best ‘Star Wars’ characters, in order of greatness.

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