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Time Out's movie match-maker

Fictional movie characters need love too. Here's where they can find it

By David Jenkins, Adam Lee Davies and Tom Huddleston

Having announced the 100 best romantic movies of all time, we couldn't help thinking about those poor fictional figures out there in movie land with no one to have or to hold. So, with them in mind, we decided to wheel out our exclusive movie character dating service.

Just scroll down to discover the movie matches we'd love to see, or use the comments below to tell us who you think are destined to be together.

Travis Bickle and Thana

TAxi Driver.jpg

God's lonely man

Personal profile
Alternative singleton with a burgeoning interest in political activism, back in the big, bad city after a lengthy spell travelling around SE Asia. Searching for Madonna/whore for a shot at romance. Has own car.

Where to find me
'Taxi Driver' (1976)


Breaking the habit

Personal profile
Ready for a challenge? Tough, streetwise feminist with a host of issues and an unyielding thirst for revenge on entire male gender seeks ex-Forces type for roleplay and target practice.

Where to find me
'Ms .45' (1981)

E.T. and Aughra

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Turn your heart light on!

Personal profile
Newly resurrected M of advanced age, loves kids, enjoys botany, m&m's, interstellar travel and learning new languages, seeks open-minded, emotional F for moonlit bicycle rides and long phone conversations. No government scientists please!

Where to find me
'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' (1982)

The Dark Crystal

A face with character

Personal profile
Elderly, astronomically inclined F, enjoys grumbling, pottering and saving the world, seeks patient M with observatory-building experience and a knowledge of crystals. Let's make a Great Conjunction!

Where to find me
'The Dark Crystal' (1982)

Carrie and Mick Travis


Miss Firecracker

Personal profile
Lonely, bright-eyed Midwestern lass with mild telekinetic abilities looking for wannabe street-tough to treat her right and take righteous revenge on domineering mother and/or high school chums (optional).

Where to find me
'Carrie' (1976)


Bullet boy

Personal profile
No-bullshit public schoolboy looking for comely lass to help gun down the upper classes and symbolize cool teen rebellion. No kinky stuff (whips, etc).

Where to find me
'If...' (1968)

Atticus Finch and Daisy Werthan

To Kill a Mockingbird

My briefs are second to none

Personal profile
Well-to-do, upstanding widowed M with developing family and unimpeachable professional standards seeks open-minded, politically savvy F to cook, converse and raise the moral awareness of backward Southern townsfolk. It’s not just my objections that are sustained…

Where to find me
'To Kill a Mockingbird' (1962)

D miss.jpg

Wanna drive me crazy?

Personal profile
Elderly, forthright F with old-fashioned (but increasingly flexible) moral values and own transportation seeks gruff curmudgeon with a heart of gold. Let’s set those local busybodies’ tongues a-waggin’!

Where to find me
'Driving Miss Daisy' (1989)

James Ballard and Christine


Party crasher

Personal profile
Fresh-faced rubbernecker with literal auto-erotic fixation and impossibly preppy looks seeks fetish fun with like-minded other. No Sunday drivers.


Where to find me
'Crash' (1996)


Fill 'er up!

Personal profile
Older model with good chassis and dazzling headlights seeks sensitive toy-boy for smooth rides, moonlight drives and eventual murder-suicide. Airbags and seatbelts are optional. A love for good, old-fashioned 'car'-nage is a must.

Where to find me
'Christine' (1983)

Annie Wilkes and Leatherface


Break a leg

Personal profile
Reclusive, literate F with working farm, pick-up truck and lump hammer, enjoys Liberace and heavy bondage, seeking thick-skinned non-smoking M for pill-fuelled orgies of uncontrollable violence. I’ll be your number one fan!

Where to find me
'Misery' (1990)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Let me get under your skin!

Personal profile
Carnivorous country boy from large, close-knit family, enjoys interior decoration, fashion design and extreme logging, seeks fleshy F with good screaming voice for long moonlit strolls in the woods. You never know, I might be Brad Pitt under this thing!

Where to find me
'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' (1974)

Harvey and Jessica Rabbit


On the wagon

Personal profile
Imaginary leporine enabler, well over six foot tall (on hind legs) seeks understanding, open-minded honey-bunny. Just come out of a mutually destructive relationship with friendly but mawkishly sentimental town drunk – now looking for hare-raising female.

Where to find me
'Harvey' (1950)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

You're no-bunny 'til some-bunny loves you...

Personal profile
Throaty, swivel-hipped lounge singer with abiding fur fetish seeks significant other. Previous partner far too animated – now searching for a bunny of substance to fill my hutch.

Where to find me
'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' (1988)

The Bride and Dalton

Kill Bill

A woman scorned

Personal profile
Scimitar-wielding, vengeance-fuelled hell vixen with lifetime of tragic dating experiences (eg shot at own wedding) looking for a new bruiser to tussle with. Any trouble, and will not hesitate to dismember.

Where to find me
'Kill Bill' (2003)


My way or the highway

Personal profile
Rugged, overpaid, Tai-chi wielding, philosophically alert bouncer looking for a casual Saturday night thing. Crime kingpins’ leggy daughters a speciality.

Where to find me
'Road House' (1989)

Vianne Rocher and Davie 'Lardass' Hogan


Taste my sweet delicacies

Personal profile
Warmhearted, well-respected culinary goddess with flourishing smalltown sweetmeat business seeks insubordinate, unpredictable M with a taste for haute cuisine and a flair for scandal. Let me feed you!

Where to find me
'Chocolat' (2000)



Personal profile
Hefty rebel with authority issues and unpredictable gastric tendencies seeks quickfire lady chef for three-day orgies of culinary and sensual delights. Let’s party ‘til we puke!

Where to find me
'Stand By Me' (1986)

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