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Childhood – 'Lacuna' album review

Woozy shoegaze-pop, oozing nostalgia: a welcome debut by the Londoners

Childhood: a perfectly carefree time of ice-lollies and climbing trees, apple pie and chasing caterpillars. Or so we’d fancifully like to imagine it. As for Childhood the band, there’s also something a bit rose-tinted about their blissed-out, summer-smudged debut ‘Lacuna’. The London four-piece are often grouped together with their other mono-noun’d contemporaries (Splashh, Jaws, Yuck, Happyness) and, like those bands, Childhood make music that oozes with nostalgic melodies and shoegazey euphoria: a psychedelic fuzz that embodies that woozy summer feeling. If you could taste it, it would be honey. You know the drill.

This is not to say that they sound exactly like every other band right now. Whilst Childhood are no Stone Roses, there are definite, welcome echoes on some of the best tracks here – ‘You May Be Different’, ‘Falls Away’ and ‘Solemn Skies’ – of a distinct, Alan McGee-friendly ’90s British swagger amongst the more familiar dreamy textures. Melancholia and regret weave through the band’s luminous guitar pop like a refreshingly chilly breeze: ‘Put my brain in someone else / It’s just like me to be running away,’ sings co-frontman Ben Romans Hopcraft. But while ‘Lacuna’ is a solid and sun-drenched debut album, it might just have slipped your mind in a few years’ time.
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