Diego Rivera. Universal artist

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Diego Rivera. Artista universal

Time Out says

This exhibition presents 20 works by this essential Mexican artist. Via the 20 paintings on display, you can observe works from the time when Diego Rivera was a student at the San Carlos Academy up to those made in 1948, giving you a complete look at his artistic output. The works offer visitors a peek into the artist's life as well as the changes in form showing how he perceived and represented the reality around him. Highlights include three pieces where Rivera painted important women in his life: the portrait of his mother he made when he was still a student at San Carlos; the symbolist-style portrait of Angelina Beloff, who was his first wife and mother of his first child; and the portrait with expressionist colours of Lupe Marín, his second wife and mother of his two daughters. You'll see works from his period in Spain and France (1907-1921), with influences by the great masters of European painting and examples of his active participation in cubism, alongside Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. More than 60 years after his death, Diego Rivera still fascinates us because of his tireless work, the originality with which he incorporated the tradition of both western and pre-Hispanic art, his commitment to his beliefs, his generosity and love for Mexico, and his artworks that today show us that they're timeless. For those reasons Diego Rivera continues to be a universal artist.



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