El Rostro de las Letras

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El Rostro de las Letras

It's the perfect exhibition for art lovers as well as fans of literature. 'El rostro de las letras. Escritores y fotógrafos en España desde el Romanticismo hasta la Generación de 1914' ('The face of words. Writers and photographers in Spain from Romanticism to the Generation of 1914') is part of the celebrations of the Real Academia Española for its tricentennial. Through more than 200 photographs, books and documents, the exhibition shows scenes of public and private lives of various personalities in Spanish cultural society, such as Azorín, Baroja, Marañón, Ortega y Gasset, Rosalía de Castro and Unamuno, among others.

From daguerreotypes to images of the illustrated press, the photographs are distributed in five different areas, accompanied by various activities: ‘Los escenarios de la cultura’ ('Scenes of culture'), ‘El ojo de la historia’ ('The eye of history'), ‘Los primeros retratos fotográficos’ ('The first photographic portraits'), ‘Los ambientes literarios’ ('Literary environments') and ‘Los fotógrafos’ ('The photographers'), this last also a tribute to the great photographers of the 19th and 20th centuries, such as Alfonso, Franzen, Juliá, Kaulak, Nicolás Muller, Santos Yubero, Catalá-Roca and Ramón Masats.

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