Escultura Española. Siglos XX-XXI

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'Salto III' De Ramón Vinyes en 'Escultura Española. Siglos XX - XXI'
© Ramón Vinyes 'Salto III'

The exhibition 'Spanish Sculpture. 20th-21st Centuries' at the Marlborough gallery takes on how sculpture moved away from classicism and embraced the modern style. Curated by Kosme de Barañano, this exhibition, which features some pieces donated by institutions and artists that have never been shown before, contains works by Francisco Durrio, with whom Picasso made his first sculptures. You can also take in 'Suite Vollard. Bloch 159', by Picasso himself, as well as works by artists who followed him, such as Julio González, Pablo Gargallo, Jose de Creeft and Joan Miró.

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