Goya in Madrid


If you haven't visited this spectacular exhibition, now's the time. Before it moves on in May, you have a cultural obligation to get to the Prado Museum for an up-close look at the scenes Goya painted of the Spanish capital when he got here, via his preparatory pieces for the Royal Tapestry Factory of Santa Bárbara. While it's true that the works aren't new to the Prado, the museum has restored, compiled and reorganised them to create a new exhibition with a fascinating result – very visual and with novel elements (we loved discovering film-maker Jean Renoir's vision of hunting, and strolling along listening to the classic soundtrack that accompanies it). As one critic put it, the show is 'a vindication of the power of the Prado and of Spanish painting'. What this art giant gives us are tapestries, painted over the course of two decades, which have become masterpieces by the genius from Aragon.