Jules Verne. The boundaries of imagination

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 Julio Verne. Los límites de la imaginación
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To talk about Jules Verne is to talk about curiosity, adventure and knowledge – virtues that you can explore in this retrospective of the universal genius, and creator of wonderful and impossible worlds, and works in which the boundaries of fiction and reality are blurred. If you're a fan of the French creator, you won't want to miss this exhibition where you can explore the surroundings and elements found in his celebrated novels (earth, air, ice, water, space and time), and get to know some of the fascinating characters such as adventurers Manuel Iradier and Julio Cervera; film-makers like Segundo de Chomón and Jean Painlevé; Nellie Bly, the first woman to go around the world in 72 days; and pioneers of deep-sea diving like Louis-Auguste Boutan and of aviation such as Santos-Dumont.


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