Make América Dystopian Again

Make America

Not that long ago (though it may seem like an eternity), Donald Trump won the US Presidency, which meant a lot of changes to come in his country as well as the rest of the world, especially if he fulfils his campaign promises, or even if he doesn't, since his ability to contradict himself is infinite. This exhibition sets out to show the view of artists in the Americas toward the region's enormous complexity, its women and men, civil rights, the LGBTI community, racism, violence, sexuality... a view that goes from Canada to Chile and Argentina, with Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and of course, the USA itself, along the way. It's a look from the past and from the present at a place where power is held by figures as disturbing as Trump, Maduro, Temer or Peña Nieto, among others. The exhibition features the work of more than 80 artists from all over the Americas.