Man Ray. Vistas del espíritu

Art, Photography
'Glass tears', 1932
© Mondo Galería - Man Ray Trust / Adagp - Vegap / Telimage 2014 'Glass tears', 1932

'Vistas del espíritu' ('Views of the Spirit') draws us closer to the world view of Man Ray (Philadelphia, 1890 – París, 1976), one of the 20th century's most distinguished artists in the fields of Dadaism and surrealism. Despite being a multidisciplinary artist (he wrote, composed music and poetry, painted, sculpted...), he was best known for his photography, interpreting this medium as another art form and not merely a way of reproducing the world he saw.

Prints, collages, objects, films and books are part of this immersion in the conceptual and aesthetic universe of Emmanuel Radnitzky, aka Man Ray. It's a must-see tour of 'the pursuit of freedom and pleasure' as the artist himself might describe it.