Modernidad. Fotografía brasileña (1940-1964)

Art, Photography
Modernidad. Fotografía brasileña

Brazil is a country that's been in constant transformation for decades. To reflect on the changes the country went through in the 20th century, the Círculo de Bellas Artes is bringing together the work of four exceptional witnesses to the period from WWII to the Revolution of 1964. These four photographers from different places in the world – Marcel Gautherot (France), José Medeiros (Brazil), Thomaz Farkas (Hungary) and Hans Gunter Flieg (Germany) – have immortalised landscapes and people, monuments and buildings, celebrations and work, past and present. Though each works from his own stylistic latitudes, they all star in the same adventure in search of the essence of a country that often tries to dodge the camera. The more than 200 photographs on display in this exhibition portray Brazilian life in the early age of social contradictions, rapid modernization and a intense cultural life.


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