Navia. Nóstos

Art, Photography
Navia. Nóstos

Back to the present, we find ourselves face to face with the work of José Manuel Navia, master photographer, graphic editor of print publications, and someone who's dedicated the last 12 years to a single project. 'Nóstos' is a book about the essential journey that is life itself, whose images are on exhibit at the Círculo de Bellas Artes. Navia's most private and literary universe is summed up here revolving around three themes: travel, memory and territory.

Why see it? Navia is classic, a must, and it's always interesting to see his work, especially in the case of this exhibition, where it's so personal. You might thing it's 'a bit more of the same', but Navia's work has the merit of having been given his own particular stamp, making it something like a brand.


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