Paco Roca. Dibujante ambulante

Art, Drawing and illustration
Paco Roca

Have you ever wondered how a graphic novel is created? What comes first, the story or the illustrations? Paco Roca is one of the most prestigious illustrators in Catalonia, and he'll guide you through this creative process via more than 200 pieces. You'll see sketches, notes, publications, illustrations, comics, works in the press and other more personal materials that make up this exhibition that traces Roca's career from 1995 to the present. His most famous work, 'Arrugas', is the centerpiece of the exhibition, and includes sketches of the album, the cover and the movie poster inspired by the comic. And thanks to a selection of images, you can learn how 'Memorias de un hombre en pijama' came about; the work also features in this exhibition, as Roca himself identifies with the character.

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