Theo Jansen. Fascinating creatures

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Theo Jansen

It's been 25 years since Dutch artist Theo Jansen imagined the beaches of the Basque Country invated by strange animals he dreamt up to contribute to the 'ecological equilibrium' of the landscape. That's how the 'Strandbeest', or 'Beasts of the Beach', appeared, in his imagination, as creatures capable of moving and surviving on beaches where they would remove the sound to lower the threat of the land receding in front of the sea. Over time, Jansen's work opened up to the creation of new 'forms of life': self-sufficient creatures now at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica, a place where you can meet these 'living' creatures as well as see fossils christened with names like Ordis, Currens Vaporis, Currens Ventosa, Rhinoceros Tabulae and Percipiere Primus.


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