Ventura Rodríguez, architect of illustration

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Ventura Rodríguez. El arquitecto de la Ilustración

There are likely a lot of people who haven't even stopped to think about who this Vetura Rodríguez is who has a metro stopped named after him on line 3 in Madrid. If you're among them, or if you're interested in art in general, get yourself to this exhibition, which comes along in time to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Rodríguez's birth. The artist and architect designed palaces, villas and private residences for nobility, well beyond the limits of Madrid, during the reign of Fernando VI and part of that of Carlos III, which made him a prominent figure in architecture for the service of the Crown. This exhibition brings together more than 150 original pieces, some of them never shown before, and running the gamut from portraits of children to architectural elevations, and drawings of what would become some of his most emblematic pieces, such as the Neptune fountains and the goddess Ciebeles fountain, which are icons everyone from Madrid knows, whether they're football fanatics or not.

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