Real Fábrica de Tapices

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Real Fábrica de Tapices
Real Fábrica de Tapices
Real Fábrica de Tapices
Real Fábrica de Tapices

Goya created some of his freshest images as designs for Madrid's royal tapestry factory, founded in 1721. Originally it was in Chueca, but has been here since 1889. The hand-working skills and techniques used haven't changed, and are evident from the intricate, painstaking work carried out in its two sections which give you a close up view of the construction and restorations process: the carpet room and the tapestry room. Goya designs are a mainstay of the work that's done here today (the factory also maintains carpets for royal palaces and the Ritz as well as undertaking work for private clients). Guided tours are normally in Spanish, but if you call in advance an English-speaking guide can usually be arranged.


Venue name: Real Fábrica de Tapices
Address: Fuenterrabía 2
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-2pm; guided visits every 30mins (last visit 1.30pm)
Transport: Menéndez Pelayo (M: L1)
Price: Admission €4; €3 6-12s
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