Flamenco Diverso


Time Out says

Performed by: Fernando López, Marta Robles and Antonia Jiménez

‘Flamenco Diverso’ is a mini cycle of two shows. The first, 'Bailar en hombre', is a project from Fernando López, who reaches personal heights with this work that ends a process of theoretical-practical research carried out at the University of Paris VIII around the construction of masculinity in flamenco dancing, the relationship between man and woman and their respective roles, and the profound connection between gender and sexuality. The second show, 'Dos tocaoras' presents the innovative recital of two women, Antonia Jiménez (flamenco guitar) and Marta Robles (classical guitar), who give a different approach to flamenco, fusing with it pieces of classical music and even jazz. The show breaks barriers with an instrument that has traditionally been in the hands of men.




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