Cat Power

Cat Power

Chan Marshall called her first band Cat Power and liked the name so much that it became her own artistic alias. She's released nine studio albums, including the latest, 2012's 'Sun', and 2006's 'The Greatest', where she garnered unanimous acclaim from critics and fans alike. She's more than earned her spot as one of the top female artists on the US indie scene. Discovered by Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, who supported her back in 1995 when she published her first LP, 'Dear Sir', the 42-year-old singer has had a brilliant career that has produced nine studio albums to date.

'Sun' came along after three years of album silence, and is the artist's most personal album, which she herself has called a renaissance. The self-produced album features some great tracks, like 'Cherokee', 'Ruin', and 'Real Life'.

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