Kalos Festival

Music, Punk and metal
Kalos Festival
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Up for a night devoted to hard rock and melodic heavy metal? Some top names on today's scene will be there – Hardline, Treat, Snakes in Paradise, and Crazy Lixx – along with the headlining act that is the historic reunion of Michael Schenker and Robin McAuley. Schenker is one of the most influential guitarists to come out of Germany, and you know him from his work in such legendary bands as Scorpions and UFO, as well as his solo projects. Schenker and Irish vocalist McAuley were behind big '80s hits like 'Gimme Your Love' and 'Anytime'. They've played together on and off for years, and the Kalos Festival is the perfect excuse to bring them together again. Up first you'll see American band Hardline, and a trio of Swedich groups bringing the best AOR in recent years: Treat, Snakes in Paradise, and Crazy Lixx.

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