La Shica

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Time Out says

La Shica presents 'De aquí a Lima', a personal reading and a selection of songs that, during her trip from Spain to Peru, she listened to on the radio while cooking, songs she learned in people's homes and at concerts and that she brought back in her suitcase. The aesthetics of the project are defined by an anecdote she was told in Lima: famous Peruvian singer Chabuca Granda would have loved the fact that her music was played in clubs now and that young people were dancing to it. In an attempt to make this happen, La Shica, with her particular style and accompanied by flamenco guitar and a bit of electronica, will undress and re-dress songs such as 'Una larga noche', 'Cambia, todo cambia', 'Piedra y camino', 'Cardo o ceniza' and 'El árbol del olvido', among others.



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