La Terraza Magnética 2017

Music, Dance and electronic
Niet! La terraza magnética

The terrace at La Casa Encendida welcomes a series of concerts this summer that are characterized by the diversity and fusion of styles, making La Terraza Magnética the place to be for eclectic live music in Madrid. You could take in sublime ambient sounds with ethnic music influences of Suso Saiz with 'Indudcing the Pleasure Dreams'; electronic music infused with dub and jazz from a classic of German advanced music, Burnt Friedman; sounds of exotic and avant-garde techno from Japanese artist Kyoka (backed by label Raster-Noton); hypnotic rhythms influenced by tribal African music from Tolouse Low Trax (also a member of Kreidler); an incredible and impressive combination of beats and styles with prestigious Dutch DJ Marcelle van Hoof; and performances by Niet!, John Gómez, Manu Louis, and Jose Rico with an exclusive presentation of his latest album, 'Dubvolution 2'.

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