Madrid Popfest 2016

Madrid Popfest 2016

After five years putting on a festival that's been completely self-organised and without official sponsers, the Popfest gang decided to quit while they were ahead, leaving the baton for anyone who wanted to pick it up and run with it. Which is exactly what a group of friends who were festival regulars did. So this year you'll notice big changes from earlier editions. To start with, the whole festival will take place in just one venue, at Taboo, on March 11 and 12. They want to keep the Popfest's original spirit intact, both musically with the best of indie pop as well as the ambience and the DIY philosophy. Among confirmed groups for this year are Horsebeach, Sierra, Brideshead, Jessica & The Fletchers, Parade, Puzzles & Dragones, Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Red Sleeping Beauty, Colour Me Wednesday, Los Animalitos del Bosque and Hazte Lapón.


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