Mat Mad

Guacamayo Tropical

After the Día de la Música was cancelled and we lamented the loss of a music festival in Madrid, it seemed there wouldn't be a replacement. But, happily, one has come to save the day – Matadero Madrid hosts the first edition of Mat Mad, a multidisciplinary event with music in the starring role, but supported by design, literature and digital creation, along with the now-omnipresent food trucks.

The line-up of musical acts include Enemigos, Ilegales, Corizonas, Kiko Veneno, Jero Romero, Ángel Stanich and Smile, and they'll be combined with performances by Madrid's music students, kids' workshops and activities, meetings with professionals, round-table discussions about literary creation in music and even a market of second-hand records.

- 13.15 h: Jero Romero (free)

- 17.45 h: Ángel Stanich

- 19.00 h: Smile

- 20.30 h: Kiko Veneno

- 21.50 h: Corizonas
- 23.10 h: Ilegales
- 00.40 h: Los Enemigos
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