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Mishima is an indie pop group that started out in its native Barcelona in 1999, and made up of David Carabén, Marc Lloret, Dani Vega, Xavi Caparrós and Alfons Serra. They recorded their first two albums in English with a few songs in Catalan and enjoyed critical success, although their breakthrough came with their third album, 'Trucar a casa. Recollir les fotos. Pagar la multa' (2005), done entirely in Catalan and marking a turning point for the guys. 'L'ànsia que cura' (2014) is their seventh album, recorded in France's legendary Black Box studios with Peter Deimel, produced under their own label, The Rest Is Silence, and distributed by Warner Music. They give us 12 new songs to celebrate their 15th anniversary together.


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