Miss Caffeina

Miss Caffeina
©Alberto Van Stokkum Miss Caffeina

They've been performing live for some time now, but the pop group from Madrid has never released an LP until now. They present their album ‘Imposibilidad del Fenómeno’ with four EPs under their belts, ‘Destrucción Creativa’, ‘En Marte’, ‘Carrusel’ and ‘Magnética’ (the last of which features collaborations with artists like Pereza and Zahara). Their first album has 11 songs that touch on themes of loneliness, love, darkness, destiny and emotions through measured intensities without lyricism or rhetoric. Produced by Ricky Falkner (Sidonie, Love of Lesbian, Standstill...) and under the watch of Jordi Mora, in Madrid's Cinearte studios, this album shows off Miss Caffeina as one of the country's pop bands of the moment.

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