Soundays 2015: Dekatron 3

Dekatron 3

Dekatron is the duo formed in 2013 by Sentionaut, from the We Are the Hunters project, and Miguel Angel Ruiz. Ruiz is a pioneer of Madrid's post-industrial electronica who's worked solo under uncountable aliases since the mid-1980s with his legendary cassette label Toracic Tapes. Worth noting is his famous project Orfeón Gagarin, which was championed from the start by Asmus Tietchens and Esplendor Geométrico.

Their first album, 'Dekatron II' (2014) has been quite the success, garnering excellent reviews that have deemed them the new sensation of cosmic electronic music. Their inspirations include the beginnings of computation, the first informatic systems and the deep cosmos; they explore the possibilities of sounds from the new electronic age with their great arsenal of sythesizers, sound generators and automatic rhythm units. They're finishing up work on 'Dekatron 3', which will be out in autumn 2015, but you can get a sneak peek of their new tracks in this show.


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