Soundays 2015: Pelayo Arrizabalaga

Pelayo Arrizabalaga
©Gary Soskin

Cantabrian musician and painter Pelayo Arrizabalaga is still going strong with his spectacular career, and has won several awards and been part of bands as Orgón and Clónicos, usually as a saxophonist. He's worked largely with modern jazz, contemporary music and free improvisation, always with a groove feeling as a backdrop. But in this performance he'll show of his facet as an unconventional 'turntablist', doing something a bit closer to the work of musicians such as Christian Marclay or Philip Jeck. Here he uses three or four Lenco dekcs from the 1960s with their own speakers, using playback at 16, 33, 45 and 78 RPM, and speed at 0 RPM that allows him to scratch without damaging the motor.