Suma Flamenca 2017

Suma Flamenca 2017

The biggest flamenco festival of all those currently on in Madrid is celebrating its 12th edition with quite the attractive line-up. Highlights from the music side include Argentina, David de Jacoba, Dorantes, Duquende, Capullo de Jerez, El Negri, Rocío Márquez, and Arcangel. There will be magical nights that reunite the best of flamenco, like the duelling guitars concert of Tito Losado along with Jerónimo Maya, or the one called 'Of Bronze and Gold' featuring the cante (singing) and toque (guitar) duos of Capullo de Jerez with Manuel Jero, Antonio Reyes with Diego Amaya, and Duquende with Paco Heredia. You can also discover emerging talents such as Diego Guerrero and María Mezcle, and wow at fusions like Dorantes along with Taksim Trío. The jazzy side of flamenco comes from Ultra High Flamenco, and traditional flamenco is honoured with the concert in recognition of Juan Habichuela, from the Carmona-Habichuela family. And that's just a taste of what you'll get during this flamenco festival.


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