Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker

One of the most relevant producers of ambient and musical adventurers in the world, Canadian Tim Hecker has been manipulating instruments and generating all kinds of noises for more than a decade, creating a bubbling and bewitching atmosphere as he continually seeks a balance between calm and frenzy. From the broken electronics of his beginnings to the manipulated pianos and organic sounds of his latest albums, Hecker's career serves as an explanation of the change experienced by ambient and avant-garde music since the beginning of the century. His latest album, 'Love Streams', is inspired by 15th-century choral music (Josquin Desprez in particular), transported to sound languages of the digital age. It was recorded in Reykjavik, where Hecker had the support of the Icelandic Choir Ensemble, with vocal arrangements by composer Johann Johannsson.


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