Tribute to John Williams

Music, Classical and opera
Homenaje a John Williams

Even if you don't know John Williams's name, you'll certainly have heard his compositions in films such as 'Superman', 'Jaws', 'Jurassic Park', 'Star Wars', 'E.T.', the Indiana Jones movies, the Harry Potter series, and even 'Home Alone'. Willimas is the author of all those scores you're probably humming as you read the titles. You can hum along live at this concert where the Discoplay Symphony Orchestra plays songs from soundtracks while scenes from the corresponding films play on a screen. The orchestra is conducted by Lucas Vidal, a young composer of soundtracks in Spanish that have also made it big in Hollywood. And if that weren't enough, the show also features violinist Leticia Moreno, illusionist Jorge Blass, and sand artist Didi Rodán, among other surprises you'll enjoy throughout the evening.

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