El Estragón

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El Estragón

El Estragón's underlying concept appears to be 'vegetarian food for meat-eaters', and thus there is no shortage of soya 'meatballs', 'hamburgers' and so on. Where this place really excels, however, is in its straightforward vegetarian dishes, such as a fabulous towering heap of risotto verde containing every green vegetable you can think of, topped with stringy emmental. It is also a delightful place to sit and dream, with its terracotta tiles, perky blue-and-white gingham and view over Plaza de la Paja. Should contemplation pale, there is free net access.


Venue name: El Estragón
Address: Plaza de la Paja, 10
Opening hours: Daily 1pm-1am
Transport: La Latina (M: L5)
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