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Helados Gamela (CLOSED)


Time Out says

This ice cream parlour comes to Madrid from Galicia (they opened the first store there in 1986), where it became famous for inventing 'popitos': made-to-order ice cream bars on a stick. They look a lot like the ones you're used to from big commercial brands, but they are worlds apart. Hand-crafted with natural ingredients, moulded on-site, bathed in your choice from a variety of chocolate shells, and crowned with toppings.

If you find yourself consumed with doubt and unable to decide on the perfect combination, never fear, because they also have some combos already made for you to just pick and enjoy. In addition to the popitos, you can also opt for ice cream in scoops, ice cream sandwiches made with cookies, natural and seasonal fruit ice lollies, frozen yogurt, smoothies, slushies, smoothies and more.


Pérez Galdós, 5
Chueca (M:L5)
Opening hours:
De lu. a vi. de 15 a 23 h. Sá. de 13 a 23 h. Do. de 13 a 22 h.
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