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Galerías Piquer
Galerías Piquer

A Guide Through Madrid's Antique Dealers to Uncover Hidden Treasures

Beyond the Sunday stalls at Ribera de Curtidores, there's a multitude of antique shops filled with unique pieces that are, in themselves, works of art. Together with Radisson RED, we bring you the top spots so you don't miss a thing

Time Out en colaboración con Radisson RED

Hardly anyone visiting Madrid can resist the allure of the Rastro's magic on a Sunday morning. A frenetic swarm of shoppers, whether it rains or shines, walks along Ribera de Curtidores to find the most varied products.

While the stalls of the city's most famous street market are unique in their own right, we must not forget that its surroundings are packed with antique dealers where, if possible, even more treasures from the past that remain intact are waiting to be discovered. A perfect morning stroll, ideally starting at the Radisson RED Madrid hotel at Atocha 123, where you can grab a coffee at Oso Rojo, a café that exudes art. A pleasant walk from Ronda de Valencia to Embajadores, and you're ready to start this route through which you can glimpse past eras and, why not, find a gem to take home for that genuine touch.

Welcome to this Art Route in collaboration with Radisson RED; because yes, antiques are also unique pieces of art, and you're going to love discovering them!

El Transformista

The pieces that Juan Pérez selects to sell in his antiques project, El Transformista (Mira el Río Baja Street, 18), are so genuine that entering the shop is akin to stepping into any art gallery. Furniture, sculptures, lamps, and other unique items, with a special focus on the 20th century but open to other eras, especially if they combine well. An exquisite place to indulge if you're a collector, with a charm that anyone who stops by can appreciate.


Right in the heart of Ribera de Curtidores (number 29, inside Galerías Piquer) is this shop that, for several decades - and with many miles behind them, they say - serves as a showcase for the talent in selecting pieces that Diana Fenouil, Armelle Fenouil, and Alfonso Imedio, its owners, share. In Berenis, you can find pieces from the 17th century to the present day; observing them, one finds that transversal essence, that overflowing personality that marks unique objects. Don't miss it.


France, England, Sweden, and Germany. These are some of the countries that the team at Slou has traveled to compile unique period decoration pieces, gathered in their two stores. On this route, we encourage you to visit the Ribera de Curtidores, 29 (inside Galerías Piquer) location; there, you'll find an exquisite selection ranging from the 17th century to the 1960s, which you'll love if you're a fan of classic figures and shapes.

Los modernos

What could be more modern than a decoration based on Art Dèco and other 20th-century styles? This is the period that Los Modernos, an antique shop that has become a reference in the area, focuses on. Not just because of its location - right on Ribera de Curtidores, 12 - but also because of its expertise and its ever-changing selection of unique furniture and decoration pieces. A must-visit.

El Jueves

Pepa Adrados began her journey in the world of design and antiques in 1998; almost three decades of experience ensure that a visit to her project, El Jueves (Ribera de Curtidores, 12), will leave you indifferent. A store where you can observe and acquire unique, different, and history-filled pieces. If you coincide, she will be the one to explain the soul of the furniture and decorative objects displayed in her beautiful space.


Another paradise for decoration lovers hidden in Galerías Piquer (remember, Ribera de Curtidores 29) is Lagur. Gonzalo Santana de la Fuente has defined an exquisite collection with 20th-century pieces, mostly of national and international design; in his catalog, prominent names such as Max Ingrand or Aldo Tura stand out. Essential.

Bertrand Barthelemy

With a double presence in Madrid, one of them also located in Galerías Piquer, Bertrand Barthelemy showcases a unique selection of decorative pieces, including frames, plates, tapestries, and even paintings from various centuries and found mainly in France. If you love the palatial style, this antique dealer will undoubtedly become your new favorite spot in Madrid.

Non-stop art

After a morning full of inspiration and a thousand genuine decorating ideas, you're likely eager to continue the experience in an art-rich environment. Don't worry, we have a tip for you: for dining, you can drop by Eneko Basque, the restaurant conceived by the Michelin five-star chef at Radisson RED Madrid.

And if you're visiting the city and want your nights (and mornings) to also feature that unmistakable arty style, don't hesitate to book one of the hotel's rooms: both your personal space and the common areas are filled with contemporary works inspired by the city that you'll love to explore as if entering another artistic space, a feature shared by all Radisson RED hotels around the world. Enjoy!

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