Casa de Campo

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Casa de Campo
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At over 1,722 acres, the Casa de Campo is Spain's largest green space. It dates back to 1553, when Felipe II moved his court to Madrid and bought the Vargas family’s country estate, which was later expanded through with the addition of surrounding farms. During the reign of Fernando VI it was declared a Royal Forest and continued to be crown land until the days of the Second Republic, when it became a place for public use.

The park has a large lake, where you can hire a boat or a kayak, sports facilities, numerous paths through the trees and bushes for running and cycling, and various leisure facilities like the famous cable car, an amusement park, the Zoo Aquarium, a fairground and the Madrid Arena. There are plenty of restaurants scattered throughout the park, mainly around the lake.


Venue name: Casa de Campo
Address: Paseo Puerta del Ángel, 1
Opening hours: Open year-round
Transport: Casa de Campo (M: L5, L10), Batán (M: L10), Lago (M: L10)
Price: Free
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