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Churros con chocolate

How does indulging in some churros with chocolate on a Sunday afternoon sound? It's a classic Spanish snack, after all. But what if you have yours in a nightclub, at a party that pulls out all the stops and where anything can happen? Churros con Chocolate is a big festival of fun that first took Barcelona by storm three years ago (and still going strong as that city's top LGBT and hetero-friendly monthly party), and is now giving its all in Madrid. And believe us, it's much more than a lazy Sunday afternoon jam session.

These monthly parties bring live music, gifts, surprises and even the chance to get onstage to sing or play DJ. And yes, you do get to enjoy actual churros con chocolate, if you get there early enough before they run out. The 'churreros', as the organisers are known to their fans, are always the heart and soul of this fun way to beat the Sunday afternoon blues.

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