Mercado de Sabores

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Mercado de Sabores

This weekend, under the impressive glass dome of the Cibeles Palace, you can take part in the Mercado de Sabores (Market of Flavours). From Thursday to Sunday you can try the tapas created by renowned chefs such as Joaquín Felipe (Aspen), Mario Sandoval (Columbus), Juan Pozuelo (Vaca Nostra), Paco Roncero (Estado Puro), Sergio Fernández (Luca) and María Marte (Allard Group). They will be joined by restaurants like a Tasquita de Enfrente, Tándem, Triciclo and the Mercado de San Ildefonso, which also be offering up their tapas for you to try.

For €3 euros you can taste these delectable creations, and for €1 more, you get a cold draught beer to go with your selection. Among the tapas you won't want to miss are the three-texture crispy chicken cannelloni, the poached egg with bull's tail and truffle, and the white chocolate Filipino biscuit with foie gras and cardamom. What are you waiting for?

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