Secret Club

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Secret Club
©Santiago Hidalgo

A secret place, located in the city centre, will host a very special time-travel event to the Roaring '20s. Just like Owen Wilson's character in Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris', you'll lose yourself in this party in the past to complete the mission that will be entrusted to you in a place that will not be revealed until 24 hours beforehand. A shipment of Cutty Sark whisky will help you get into the mood at this event where you'll feel like one of the stars of the bohemian world or the Moulin Rouge cabaret. To be a part of this experience, sign up via Cutty Sark's social network sites for invitations that they're giving out for March 27 and 28 – two nights with just one rule: everything that happens in the Secret Club stays in the Secret Club...

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