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Things to do today in Manchester this week
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Clubs, gigs and student nightlife in Manchester

Manchester's clubs are renowned for showing students a good time, and the nightlife here isn't just for the weekends

Rob Martin
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Rob Martin

OK, so we know that you came to study in Manchester or Salford because of the perfect course and the wealth of opportunity for learning and development that is offered here. After all, Manchester wasn't voted the best place for graduates to live in the UK for nothing, was it?

We've given you the lowdown on the best places to shop, you know where to eat and where to drink, and we've sorted you out with the best of Manchester culture incuding our best theatres, art galleries and museums in the city.

But when all of that hard graft and study gets a bit much, and all work and no play is making you a dull bunny, where can you go to let your hair down? Look no further than our guide to the best clubs in Manchester and upcoming gigs to keep your nightlife sparkling.

Gigs in Manchester: coming soon
  • Music
  • Music venues
We've rounded up some of the best gigs in Manchester over the next weeks and months, so check 'em out, and if you're looking to continue the party, take a look at the best clubs in Manchester.
The best clubs in Manchester
  • Clubs
In addition to its live music scene, if there's one thing Manchester does best, it's clubbing. Not only do we have some of the finest resident DJs on the planet but we also have incredible guests dropping sets each and every week. But where do you spend your hard earned and get your dancefloor thrils and spills? Check out our recommendations for the best clubs in Manchester below. And if they're not good enough? Try one of the city's best late night bars.
The Gay Village
  • LGBTQ+
With a wealth of late night bars and clubs in one block there's always something going on on the Gay Village, so if you're a new student looking to explore the LGBT scene, or you're the bff of someone who is, here's our handy guide
The best late-night bars in Manchester
  • Bars and pubs
Manchester’s late-night bar scene and its reputation for partying has long brought thousands to the city centre, whether for a big weekend or just a few choice beverages at the pub after work. But when the club gets too much, or when weeknight fun is perhaps lasting a little longer than anticipated, where can you head to avoid being kicked to the curb before your time is due? Late licenses in Manchester were always felt to be the domain either of pumping club dancefloors or those somewhat seedier venues, but a host of credible bars - new and established - are seen to be bucking the trend. Here's a few to drink to.
The best comedy clubs in Manchester
  • Comedy
You could probably argue there are plenty of laughs to be had in most Manchester boozers and bars. However, there are places that dedicate themselves to making you laugh. And they do it well, too. 

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