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Bars and pubs in Manchester for students

Some of the best bars and pubs for students wanting a drink in Manchester and Salford

Here's the lowdown on the best places to shopwhere to eat and your gigs and nightlife are organised. We've even sorted you out with the best of Manchester culture incuding our best theatres, art galleries and museums in the city.

Ready for a drink?

A new influx of students to the city gets the pub and bar managers ringing their hands with glee so, whether you're a sociology student looking for some real ale pubs, a drama queen after a classic cocktail, or whether you just want to blitz fresher's week into one big drink fest, here's out ultimate guide to student drinking in Manchester and Salford.

The best bars in Manchester

From delicious dive bars and brilliant boozers to chic and swanky cocktail bars with pricey drops and panoramic views, Manchester has it all when it comes to getting a bit squiffy, with something to suit every student budget.

The best pubs in Manchester

If you're in the mood for traditional drinking, students in Manchester get some great choices - we're not all trendy bars and pricey cocktails you know!

Pubs in Salford

Calling students at Salford Uni. You don't have to go in to Manchester to find a great pub - Salford too has some fine establishments serving up a bevy of brews, and here are six of our favourites.

By: Rob Martin

Northern Quarter pubs and bars

The Northern Quarter is pretty much a drinker's heaven and new students have a huge choice of places to enjoy a drink without having to walk or stagger too far.

Manchester's best beer gardens

Take a break from the stresses of your first week and make the most of the weather before you say hello to a winter of Manchester rain - here are some great beer gardens.

By: Rob Martin

Gay bars in Manchester

For LGBT students and their mates, there's no better city in the UK than Manchester and here's one of the reasons why - Manchester's Gay Village.

Football pubs in Manchester

Manchester is a city that thrives on football, with two of the world’s biggest clubs at its centre and a vibrant legion of regional sides in the surrounding areas, so if you're a fan, check out the best pubs to watch the game in.

The best cocktail bars in Manchester

With as many quality bars, restaurants and clubs as we have in Manchester, it comes as little surprise that we're a city known for appreciating a well-crafted drink, so if you're more Manhattan loft than Manchester dive, these places are for you.

The best craft beer bars in Manchester

If craft's your creed, take a look at our pick of the best craft beer bars in Manchester and worship at the altar of ale. Happy drinking, but don't forget to get that essay done for tomorrow..

The best late-night bars in Manchester

Manchester’s late-night bar scene and its reputation for partying has long brought thousands to the city centre, whether for a big weekend or just a few choice beverages at the pub after work. But when the club gets too much, or when weeknight fun is perhaps lasting a little longer than anticipated, where can you head to avoid being kicked to the curb before your time is due? 

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By: Rob Martin