Kundalini Laya Yoga The Urban Shaman Series With Kirantana

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Kundalini Laya Yoga   The Urban Shaman Series With Kirantana
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Kundalini Laya Yoga The Urban Shaman Series With Kirantana says
Thursdays 7pm-9pm June 25 - August 13

Kundalini Laya Yoga is the bridge between Kundalini and Tantra. Laya Yoga clears the subconscious negative, chakra by chakra, with clear direction and deliberation. When clear, you cross the doorway into the power of Tantra. You discover Siddhis which develop as energy to be used for world service and manifesting the future. Clearing the chakras with Kundalini Laya Yoga is critical before attempting advanced discovery. Having a guide with Kirantana’s depth of experience is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Time spent with Kirantana is more than just a Kundalini Yoga class, it is a series of Shakti empowerments and initiations through the inner doors, colors and spiritual streams that lead you to your own mastery of the Kundalini Laya Yoga path. This is Kundalini Core Fundamentals that must be experienced and understood before moving into the applications, and advanced practices of Tantra and opening the Siddhis.

As Yogi Bhajan’s first bodyguard, and one of the earliest teacher trainers, he brings a wealth of information and personal stories from the earliest days of Kundalini, that will connect all the dots for new teachers as well as beginning students. He is an accomplished musician, author and Naturopathic Medical Doctor, and was the only student publicly recognized by Yogi Bhajan as a master of Kundalini Laya Yoga before his teachers passing in 2004.

“Only by fully understanding and receiving the inner gifts and philosophies of the lineage, understanding the accomplishments and strengths of those who went before, can we then make the yoga our own.”

$30/Class or $180 for an 8 Class Series
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By: Delta Groove Yoga

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