Downtown México Rooftop Bar

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4 out of 5 stars
 (Foto: Mattza Tobón)
Foto: Mattza Tobón
 (Foto: Mattza Tobón)
Foto: Mattza Tobón
 (Foto: Mattza Tobón)
Foto: Mattza Tobón
 (Foto: Mattza Tobón)
Foto: Mattza Tobón
 (Foto: Mattza Tobón)
Foto: Mattza Tobón

One visit to this place called Downtown Mexico City is all it takes to get hooked on the modern architecture fused with retro-color-motif and old school furniture. This spot is one of Grupo Habita's best works and the icing on the cake is the stunning views of the Latinoamericana Tower and the Casino Español. One thing that’s certain is the space’s uncanny ability to turn a mundane breakfast outing into a daytime rager, a movie screening into an all-night open bar, and a warm summer night into an unforgettable affair.

There are comfy armchairs and tables to kick your feet up on or to use as a place to congregate with friends in a semi-private setting. There are pool parties where the hot tub and the pool open to bikinis and sun kissed bodies swaying to the beat emanating from the DJ booth; a focal point for the entire terrace as the wait staff eagerly buzzes around carrying trays of mojitos, vodka crans and frosty beer bottles. There’s one thing that’s a universal truth, if there’s a party at the Downtown Mexico Hotel Rooftop, it’s worth cancelling all other plans.

Sometimes there’s a cover or guest-list-only access, so be prepared. You can also rent it out for special occasions, like your next birthday party, perhaps?

By: Bernardo Robredo


Venue name: Downtown México Rooftop Bar
Address: Isabel la Católica 30
Mexico City
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8-2am
Transport: Metro Zócalo
Price: Average ticket $400
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