Baños Señorial

LGBT Cuauhtémoc
3 out of 5 stars
Baños, vapores
Foto: Alejandra Carbajal

Situated in the historic city center, Baños Señioral is famous for two things: their cleanliness and their facilities. Most of the bath houses in Mexico City are not as clean as one would hope so, the cleanliness here is very much appreciated and even though you can smell the chlorine, it’s not overpowering.

On premise, there are comfortably private rooms with flat screen TVs for you to watch a post-bath movie. The lounge chairs are comfortable, and the sheets are plush and smell nice.

They have a general admission steam price which is 125 MXN, a sauna for 160 MXN, and a Turkish bath for 145 MXN. You can rent a private room and bring alcoholic beverages and even a guest if you’d like. They also have a drink menu, sangria, and several water options; soda with lemon, pineapple or lime.

In the general admission steam there are masseuses offering classic massages ranging from 200-700 MXN, depending on the technique. Some do offer “special” services but, you have to know the lingo to be able to come to an agreement.

It’s often full on Sundays and mostly frequented by “daddies”, mature men over 50, and the well-known “Chacales” (young masculine gay men). In addition to the steam, there is a barber shop that offers cuts and bear trims for 130 MXN each.

By: Gil Camargo


Venue name: Baños Señorial
Address: Isabel La Católica 92
Mexico City
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 6am-9pm, Sun 6am-7pm
Transport: Metro Isabel La Católica.
Price: Average drink $145
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