Carpa Astros

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Carpa Astros
Foto: Lulu Urdapilleta

After the approval of the poorly planned Partido Verde Ecologista law that prohibited the use of wild animals in circuses, many such venues were forced to close. The majority did close, but one or another were given new life and rethought their spaces. 

One such place was Circo Atayde that transformed its rooms into the Carpa Astros, a space dedicated to the circus aesthetic music, totally adapted for the enjoyment of concerts, festival and bizarres.

With a capacity of nearly 2,348 people, this bicolored tent has become one of the most visited places in the city’s south. Here, they celebrated 25 years of circus, the emblematic album of La Maldita Vecindad and have been home to shows like Bonobo, La Castañeda and Los Babasónicos. It’s also frequently a host to sports events like XFL and parties for the LGBTTTI community.

By: Gil Camargo


Venue name: Carpa Astros
Address: Tlalpan 855
Mexico City
Cross street: Ahorro Postal
Transport: Metro Villa de Cortes.
Static map showing venue location