El Asadero

4 out of 5 stars
 (Foto: Alejandra Villegas)
Foto: Alejandra Villegas
 (Foto: Alejandra Villegas)
Foto: Alejandra Villegas
 (Foto: Alejandra Villegas)
Foto: Alejandra Villegas
 (Foto: Alejandra Villegas)
Foto: Alejandra Villegas
 (Foto: Alejandra Villegas)
Foto: Alejandra Villegas

This is the locals’ favorite place. Half of Tulum adores this restaurant that specializes in grilled meat cuts. If you’re making plans for dinner, keep in mind that the place is normally packed. The waiting is worth it though, and the short menu makes the rest easier for you. Grilled specialties include steak, tuna and salmon. I went for the sea specialties and ordered a medium-done tuna cut, which came with a side dish of rice, guacamole and a potato with melted cheese on top. The tender meat melted in my mouth and its smoky flavor blended up perfectly with the taste of the side dish.

Next I had an order of some pretty stout steak tacos. They also have chorizo, chicken and nopal tacos and the portions are large. Don’t worry if you don’t eat meat, the menu has vegetarian options, such as baked potato stuffed with sautéed vegetables, a vegetarian hamburger and the caprese salad.

To fight the heat, better ask for a beer, although El Asadero also serves classic cocktails like mojitos and margaritas. I was surprised to find traditional distilled spirits like sotol and aguardiente on the beverage menu.

By: Alejandra Villegas


Venue name: El Asadero
Address: Satélite Mz 23 Lt 5
Tulum Centro
Mexico City
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 4:30-11pm
Price: Average meal cost
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