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17 amazing Hurricane Irma Publix cakes

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

People cope with stress in all sorts of interesting ways. Some bake, others eat and, in Florida, we buy dessert. But it’s not just any sweet, it’s a Hurricane Irma-inspired buttercream icing cake. If you’re going to eat your feelings, they may as well be beautifully decorated and loaded with sugar, right? That’s probably what the folks at Florida-based grocery chain Publix were thinking, too. (Elaborate hurricane cakes are also a genius diversion to the store’s depleted water supply.) Here is a roundup of our favorites. 

Never change, Miami

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We prefer our clichés as cookie decorations, too

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Publix has no chill

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...or else!

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Was this decorated pre or post hurricane? 

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Is that the eye of the storm? An anus? A bull's-eye? We can't tell.

Simple message, loads of calories

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Remember this ‘90s meme?

Not to be confused with Hurricane Jose. Those cakes arrive next week.

Now go make sure you've got homeowner's insurance  

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Guys, remember to secure all outdoor furniture before the storm

When your anxieties about the Millennium become hurricane anxieties  

Furniture mishaps are real 

Florida, where the people are tough but the cookies are soft and chewy

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Hey, at least the palm tree is still standing

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Yep, Florida AF indeed

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When your birthday celebration turns into a hurricane party 

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